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You helped us raise $14K for kids!

Thank you!!! We’re all kinds of grateful over here!
You helped us beat our goal to raise almost $14,000 to build desks for kids in support of their education while attending school virtually. WOW! We can’t say enough how much we appreciate so many of you stepping up during this campaign. You rock!
And the families that have been receiving these desks appreciate you too!
We’re also sneak peaking another opportunity to win a cool and functional work of art while contributing to additional desks for kids. Stay tuned for more info on our auction of desks that have been spruced up by local Atlanta area artists, like this one…
Posted Thanksgiving Day 2020:
We’re almost there! 76% to goal! Only 117 more desks to fund! $2,925 to raise!
After turkey and fixings and you’re taking a little break, if you’re able, we’d love if you’d consider sharing your good feels and make a donation to help us make 500 desks for kids! Every dollar counts! Til midnight tonite!
Click here to support our kids:
And put “For the desks!” in the Notes section.
Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
Posted Nov 25, 2020
Thank you thank you thank you to so many of you for your generous support already! We’re getting closer to our goal of raising funds by Thanksgiving to make 500 desks for kids!
As a non-profit that promotes hands-on education for people of all ages, we understand the need for a well-equipped space to do the work.
Can you help us give kids their own personal space that can help them have a better chance of doing well while attending school virtually?


177 desks to go

= $4,425 left to raise
= 65% to our fundraising GOAL!
$25 per desk, every dollar counts!

Click here to support Atlanta kids:
Posted Nov 24, 2020
How many desks can a desk maker make
if a desk maker can make desks?
Depends on whether they have enough funding for materials!3 DAYS LEFT!216 desks to go
= $5,400 left to raise
= 57% to our fundraising GOAL!
Can you make a donation to help our makers build desks for kids in-need?
$25 per desk, every dollar counts!

Click here to support families in need: Raise $12,500 to build 500 desks by Thanksgiving!


Posted Nov 20, 2020

We’re halfway to our goal of raising $12,500 to build 500 desks for kids in need! Woot Woot! Thanks to so many of you for joining us in helping kids in need achieve academic success by giving them FREE individual workspaces as they attend school virtually! The need is real.

7 days — build 250 desks — $6,250 to go! Will you join us to reach our goal by Thanksgiving?!

A $25 donation helps us build one desk, and every dollar makes a difference! What better way to give thanks this month than supporting youth and their education.

Click here to donate:

Put “For the desks!” in the Notes section.

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October 27, 2020 post:

With the help of one of our Board Members, Char Miller-King, we were recently highlighted on 11Alive News:
Inspired by a woodworker in California who made desks for kids, Decatur Makers thought we could do the same here in Atlanta. After sending out an initial form to gather requests from families, we’ve had over 700 families in-need from across Atlanta request over 1,700 desks, and the list keeps growing! The emails we’re getting from families are so appreciative as there seems to be a huge need to offer a distinct learning space for youth as virtual learning continues, and, we’ve had to limit our offer to 500 desks for now.
Our initial goal is to raise $12,500 to cover materials for these 500 desks. We’ve raised almost $4K so far and have built 162 desks.
If you’re interested in supporting this program, please consider making a donation (click here) and put “For the desks!” in the Notes.
Thank you!


Posted: Oct 19, 2020

Would a free desk for your child(ren) make it easier for them to get through the school days while they’re working virtually?

Inspired by the woodworker in California who started this idea, Decatur Makers is ready to build them, at no cost to you.

If you’d like one (or several) for your kid(s), please click this link, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to let you know when we’re building them: Desk Order Form

Want to donate to help support this initiative? Click here and add “For the wooden desks!” in the Notes:

Have questions? Reach out to

Stay healthy out there!
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