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Our Organization Values: Community • Trust • Strive • Collaboration • Joy

Decatur Makers works because of trust. We trust everyone will:
1.   Be kind, respectful, inclusive and supportive of others at all times,
2.   Learn and create through hands-on experience, in both success and failure,
3.   Safely use our tools and equipment,
4.   Abide by the Community Agreement,
5.   Be accountable to the Decatur Makers Member Handbook,
6.   Ask for help if they need it,
7.   Check the Events and Classes Calendars for when we are hosting events in the space, and Equipment Reservation Calendar for when tools may be unavailable,
8.   Tell Staff and Area Stewards if equipment is broken (also leave a note) and consumables need to be ordered,
9.   Clean up after themselves (even better, clean up better than they found it!)
10. Have fun and make cool stuff!

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