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As of July 28, 2021, Decatur Makers requires all people to wear masks while inside the space, regardless of vaccination status. This is in accordance with CDC guidelines for people in areas of substantial or high COVID-19 transmission.

As of July 22, 2021, Decatur Makers is in our “Fully Open” Phase:

  • Taking on New Members
  • 24/7 access for paying members
  • In-Person workshops and events including Open Build Night and Family Build Night
  • To have your fob reactivated, each member is required to complete the 3 Steps in the sidebar to the right:

    • STEP 1: watch our covid protocol video and score 100% on our quiz
    • STEP 2: sign our new digital liability waiver
    • STEP 3: renew your membership if you aren’t currently paying.
  • Within the day, you should receive an email letting you know when your fob has been reactivated! If you lost your fob, please email to schedule a time to pick up a new one.
  • Most COVID protocols remain the same. Please click here to see all protocols.
  • AS ALWAYS: If your project requires an overnight stay at the space, or you plan to bring in a guest, you first need to get pre-approved by emailing

For anyone seen not following protocols, staff reserves the right to limit your access to the space. We continue to take our protocols seriously for the safety of our staff and members.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you back in the space!

Schedule Time on the Glowforge, Woodshop, CNC and Welders

Our members mentioned that they liked being able to schedule time in areas for longer projects. So, we’ve set up a new 24-hour scheduling system: Skedda (see calendar below.)

Click on the day & time, and enter your name and email. Easy Peasy!

You can edit and cancel your reservation through the email you receive after signing up OR by clicking your reservation on the calendar.

Step 1. Watch the Decatur Makers COVID Video and Ace the Quiz

To ensure that all of our members are aware of protocols and expectations, we ask that you watch this video and score 100% on the quiz.

Step 2. Sign Decatur Makers Digital Liability Waiver and Add Emergency Contact

EVEN IF YOU’VE ALREADY SIGNED ONE, we ask that all members digitally sign our liability waiver and add an emergency contact to help us update our new system.

Step 3. Renew Your Decatur Makers Membership

Throughout the pre-beta and beta phases of opening, all members active on March 12, 2020 retained membership privileges whether they were paying dues or not. As of May 10, 2021, we ask members to renew their memberships (if they aren’t already paying) to continue with their membership privileges.

We are NOT currently taking on new members, but hopefully soon!

As always, please reach out to us for a needs-based Scholarship Membership at

Click the button, and then “Having trouble logging in?” if you don’t remember your username or password.

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