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Thank you for supporting Decatur Makers, particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Decatur Makers is membership-based, we don’t just serve our members . . .

  • we host public classes and free community gatherings (virtually right now),
  • support our community partners through build projects, and
  • provide student and teacher outreach to the larger Atlanta area, with a focus on underserved communities.

Your generous donation of funds or materials goes a loooong way to making a difference to thousands of folks around Atlanta! We’re also a nonprofit — so your gift is tax-deductible.

Scroll down for details and click the links to support all that we do! Thank you!

Annual Giving: End of Year 2021

At the end of every calendar year, we raise funds to get more people of all ages creating and learning by building and making. Making fosters life-changing experiences where kids and adults find passions, learn hard skills, and develop and strengthen the soft skills of problem-solving and critical thinking. Please consider making a donation to make a difference!


Give a Gift Membership

Want to gift a membership to that creative DIY family member or friend in your life for when we open again to the public? Just tell us who it’s for in the Notes section! Our Basic Individual Membership is $30 a month and you can give in any increment. We’ll email you an official certificate for wrapping and presenting. It’s that simple!


Join with a Cornerstone Membership

Our space wouldn’t be possible without our founding members who supported us from the beginning. You can continue that support as a cornerstone member. Cornerstone memberships include three years of 24/7 access to the space, and a tax-deductible donation to Decatur Makers. Cornerstone memberships are available at these levels:

Build Level: $1,780 (includes $700 tax-deductible donation)

Share Level: $4,280 (includes $2300 tax-deductible donation)

Explore Level: $9,040 (includes $6,400 tax-deductible donation AND an extra year of membership!)

(space access for a family of up to four — family is who YOU say are family)

Build Level: $2,860 (includes $700 tax-deductible donation)

Share Level: $5,360 (includes $2,300 tax-deductible donation)

Explore Level: $10,480 (includes $6,400 tax-deductible donation AND an extra year of membership!)


Material donations / Donate your stuff

Decatur Makers lives on donations! But the one thing we are short on is space. There are some things that we definitely cannot accept, such as CRT monitors, damaged or waterlogged lumber, microwave ovens, or hazardous materials. There are some things we would definitely welcome! High end woodworking tools are always on our wish list, provided we can find the room for them. If you have something you think we could use, send a picture and description to and we’ll check it out and get right back to you! We’ll send you a letter acknowledging your gift to us for your tax purposes (although we can’t specify a dollar value for your donation – that’s up to you).

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Member access: 24 / 7 / 365

605 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, Georgia 30030

(678) 304-7395