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Volunteer With Decatur Makers!

Decatur Makers depends on volunteers for everything!  There are lots of ways to help out, whether it’s at our community events, youth outreach, teaching classes, or in our organizational committees.

Volunteer Opportunities are geared toward our membership.  If you are not already a member of Decatur Makers and would like to focus on volunteering with us, we do offer a Volunteer Membership level!  This level requires a one time application fee of $30, completion of our onboarding process- including a background check and attending New Member Orientation, and 6 hours of monthly Volunteering.

Want to share your skills?

Maker Events

Throughout the year, we share the maker word at many community events! From the Decatur Book Festival, Decatur Arts Festival, and Maker Faire Atlanta, as well as at our fundraising events, the Make It Up! Improv Show and the West Ponce Music Stroll, we need volunteers of all ages.

Education Outreach

We engage in regular STEAM and maker-led outreach activities with youth and teachers. Whether you have technical skills to share to inspire a teen, can be extra hands to help our elementary aged youth build, or participate in our programming with our community partners, we need you.

Decatur Makers Committees

Calling all volunteers wanting to help out on a more regular basis! Here are some of the areas where we will always need an extra hand.

Is social media your thing? Do you Blog? Vlog? TikTok? Tweet? Insta? Slack? Discord? Trello? Yammer? Hootsuite? Yoohoo? Ok I made that last one up, but you get the idea. We need folks to help us document the amazing things that go on in and around Decatur Makers. Come in, snap some pics, write some copy, and we’ll give you the keys to our social media so you can make us go viral!

Digital infrastructure
Do you love exploring new APIs? Google? Git? WordPress? Docker? CRM? Do you know IP Tables? Want to help us connect our toaster to the internet? How about instead of the toaster you help us hook up our key fob database to our membership database? If this is up your alley, give us a call!

You see a white wire and a black wire. Which one gets connected to the tinier slot on the electrical outlet? Trick question – you should never stick ANYthing in an electrical outlet! But maybe you can hang a shelf? A picture? Or maybe you just know which end of the mop to keep pointed away from you at all times. Maybe you can pour concrete, dig a ditch, or install a mailbox. If you can do any of these things and more, we’ve got jobs for you!

Are you a CPA? Investment banker? Venture capitalist? We could use your help with anything from budgeting to financial strategy!

Decatur Makers has something really good and we want to share it with everyone: teachers, students, retirees, people who otherwise wouldn’t think of joining a makerspace. Help us reach out to the broader community and spread the maker message: Anyone Can Make Anything!

Do you know how to make something awesome? Cool? Weird? Funny? Why are you keeping it a secret? Come teach a class for us and SHARE your knowledge with others. You might even make a little pocket money!

Some people are good at asking others for money, but you don’t need to be to help us with fundraising! Maybe you live next door to a philanthropist? Maybe you like to throw a good shindig? Maybe you can draft our next handout that explains all the amazing things we do, so we can show what a great ROI Decatur Makers is in our community.

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