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Greetings from New York! Hello all-my name is Nancy Drumm and I am a farmer, maker, and businesswomen. I first became acquainted with Decatur Makers several years ago through Char Miller-King. I admire the vitality, vision, and strength of your program and would love to be part of such a vibrant community.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to run such a successful program, and I understand that the role of the board is to help provide support to the team doing the day to day work. I have extensive experience in running businesses, and I am comfortable with accounting, Human Resources, facilities management, and strategic planning. Additionally, my life long experience as a farmer has taught me how to work with limited resources and still get the job done. I believe that I would be able to be a productive member of the team to help Decatur Makers navigate the challenges of the next few years. I am passionate about increasing opportunities for all people to become involved in creating and making. The act of making tangible items for yourself and others is satisfying on such a deep level-I hope that all of us can experience that. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to do so in my life, and I would like to contribute to creating those opportunities for others. I would love to have the chance to be part of your team, your vision, and your maker space. I am happy to make the commitment to be a member of the board with a full understanding of the time and travel requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.

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