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Born and raised by the sea, DaVena grew up along the coastal region of the deep south and quickly developed a love for all things oceanic. And all thing vintage – founded in 1733, Savannah is one of the oldest cities in America.

But her journey toward becoming a certified hand crafter was unlike the average maker. Before making soaps and cosmetics, she and her husband ran All Walks of Life Inc., one of the most successful non-profit youth development organizations in the state of Georgia. As the executive director for ten years, she authored more than $4 million in grants and contracts.

However, when when father became ill and eventually passed away from cancer in 2012, DaVena’s entire world shifted and she began a health journey that would lead her to Perry, Georgia to take a soap making class. Determined to make better, cleaner products for her family, she was surprised to find out how much her family and friends loved her soaps and wellness products. In 2015, just after a few months selling at the Municipal Market in the historic Auburn Avenue district of downtown Atlanta, she realized she had created a worthwhile line of products, borne of a deep passion to serve and help others and not a desire to just make a profit.

Now a full-time resident of metro Atlanta by way of the lovely City of Decatur, she spends her days doing the two things she love the most – helping other nonprofits write grants through her consulting firm and making gorgeous soaps. As the self-described “Atlanta’s Soap Wench, she also whips up decadent handmade body creams, that mix together super food cosmetics designed to leave the skin with a healthy glow.

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