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WINNER: Decatur Makers T-shirt Design Challenge!

Congratulations to Gina Tindall, a creative teacher with one of our partner schools, for her inspiring idea for our tshirts: “Makers Create Change, What Change Will You Make?”

Our amazing sponsor, Lampe-Farley, turned it into the beautiful design you see on our MakerShop online on our website.

Thanks to our sponsor, Worldwide Shirts, for their crazy screen-printing skills.

$25/shirt with sizes from Youth Small to Adult 4XL.

A portion of sales supports all Decatur Makers programs impacting the metro-Atlanta area!

Buy yours today by clicking HERE:


Published June 15, 2021:

UPDATE: The deadline for the T-shirt Design Challenge has been extended to June 23, 2021 at midnight!

We’ve had a lot of amazing ideas come, and we now have the opportunity to push out our deadline to add in some more great ideas.


Questions? See below or email


Published June 2, 2021:

Your creativity will help us make a difference! Decatur Makers will be selling a limited edition T-shirt to support all of our programs impacting makers of all-ages across Atlanta! And we’re turning to our amazing community for design ideas. Thanks for your support!

The pandemic has hit our non-profit as it’s hit many organizations hard. We’re looking at alternative fund-raisers to support all of our plans as we look towards opening back up to the public this Summer (more on that soon!)

A few details on this design challenge:
1) We’re looking for ideas as catchy text-only slogan, OR a line drawing (upload below)
2) Design or Text will be printed in one-color along with our logo
3) Ideas should be in line with our fun, quirky, and innovative maker culture
4) All ages can apply!
5) You can enter as many ideas as you like!
6) DEADLINE: June 16, 2021 at midnight

Think about what makes you LOVE the design and/or saying on your favorite printed t-shirt… and what makes you LOVE making things; Combine those two and send it in to us through this form HERE:


Winner will be announced on June 18th!

Winner receives a limited edition t-shirt with their design and one month membership to Decatur Makers (for those who are not currently paying members, your free membership will start anytime you’re ready after we officially open back up to the public.)

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