Clean-Up-The-Space Day

ditch diggers Dozens of Makers, small and tall, came out on Saturday, March 22 to help clean up our new space. All those hands carried out over a ton of garbage including the paneling that lined the old gym walls.  Some helped build a drain along the back wall which is still keeping the gym dry even after several rain storms!

And a huge thank you to the City of Decatur who sent out a full sanitation crew with a garbage compactor to haul away the mountains of mess!  We even got some impressive video of a couch being crushed!

With all this help, we made great progress… Another step closer to opening up our new home!

CoD sani crewpanel removal

Our first home (and campaign!)

Photo by Russell Kaye

Photo by Russell Kaye

We are thrilled to announce that Decatur Makers has a home!  An unused gym, owned by First Christian Church of Decatur (across the street from the Decatur post office), will be transformed over the coming months into metro Atlanta’s first family-friendly community maker space.

We have a lot of work to do! Some of the work requires volunteers and elbow-grease, but mostly we need money.  So please consider either a donation in any amount or stepping up to a Founding Membership, both of which are processed via our friend (and fiscal sponsor), Decatur Education Foundation).

Photo by Lew Lefton

Future home of Decatur Makers. Photo by Lew Lefton

Exciting things will be taking place in and around our new place, so we invite you to keep in touch.  Choose the amount of info you want through one or more of our communication channels.  We look forward to opening our doors as soon as we can!

You’re also invited to come out this Saturday, March 22 to help us do some preliminary cleanup!  Use this volunteerspot link to sign up.

January 2014 Meetup

LulzBotTAZ_Desktop_highIt’s been a few months since we’ve had a general meeting of our community, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been hibernating.  In fact, we’re entering a very active phase since the space we’ve been looking at will soon be officially ours to renovate!

At our next meeting (Tue. Jan 28 at 7 PM at the Decatur Rec Center) we’ll have some major announcements and updates.  Now is the time to step up, volunteer, and contribute in whatever way you can.  Committees are forming, fundraising will be happening, renovations are on the horizon, policies will be discussed and written, etc.

And just so the meeting isn’t all business (although that will be the bulk of it), we can also unbox our new Lulzbot Taz 2.0 3D printer, look over some recent donations (oscilloscope, old erector set), and plan for our public PC build in the spring.

Decatur Wine Festival

We had an nicDSCN0507e opportunity to design and build a sculpture for the Decatur Wine Festival this year.  Thanks to The Imperial (soon to be open at 726 West College) and the Decatur Arts Alliance for supplying the materials. It was a popular photo opportunity, and everyone really loved it.




A BIG thanks to our team of makers who pitched in on the design, build, setup, and cleanup. We had a lot of unexpected “help” on cleanup when the wine festival participants decided to help themselves to the large inflated bottles.  One person even climbed up on the sculpture to cut down the 13 foot high top bottle.  We didn’t design it for people to climb on, but luckily, it held.


AMMF13 in pictures

1379660_547259188689481_524433200_nOur first Maker Faire was simply fantastic.  We had great weather (after a chilly AM setup) and no serious injuries!

Thanks to all the volunteers and all the people who stopped by to say hello. We had nice coverage from and our activities appeared on blogs from both Eric Wienhoffer and Dale Dougherty himself.

carrotandsticklogoWe also want to give a shout out  to Carrot and Stick for helping to provide our awesome giveaways, too!

Here are some photos from members and also some pictures selected from the AMMF13 facebook photo stream. Enjoy!


Decatur Flexagon makers

Decatur Flexagon makers

1380712_547278675354199_1912438697_n 947297_547278585354208_1228343988_n IMG_6435 1379811_547278692020864_1433011262_n 553123_547258605356206_651219611_n 2013-10-26 13.18.20 1379660_547259188689481_524433200_n 1392059_548326568582743_1226955148_n

Not all cuts were this clean!

Not all cuts were this clean!

1390491_548308955251171_185574952_n DSCN0474 DSCN0461 DSCN0463 IMG_6436 DSCN0458 1385064_548325141916219_199453882_n



wpid-20131026_125321 IMG_6434 DSCN0468

200 lbs of Cornstratch

200 lbs of Cornstratch

We went through 70+ bottles

We went through 70+ bottles

Our giveaways were locking measuring tapes with a built in level

Our giveaways were locking measuring tapes with a built in level

A Must-See Maker Faire

Atlanta_MMF_logos_GooglePlus1-300x282The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire is a free, family-friendly, annual gathering of makers, hackers, geeks, artists, robots, scientists, and people who just enjoy hanging out with them.  It’s a perfect opportunity to engage with makerspaces and creative communities around the southeast.   There over 100 makers showing off dozens of cool, hands-on projects and activities.

Decatur Makers will debut our non-newtonian liquid hopscotch and we’ll also have flexagons to make (including the fascinating 3D ones).  In addition, you can cut a wine bottle and grab a giveaway from our theramin-enhanced skeleton!

We still need volunteers so please sign up for a shift at
Stop by and say hello on Saturday October 26, at Georgia Tech, from 10 – 5 PM !

Free tickets to the Faire are available in advance (since they’re trying to track attendance).

Meeting to prepare for AMMF

glasscutting_032Decatur Makers will be at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire, and we need some help from you to get ready. We’ll have two adjacent tents and host 4 different activities:
-  Origami flexagons
-  3D flexagons with wire and straws
-  Oobleck Hopscotch (8 ft long, full of bizzarre non-newtonian fluid)
-  Bottle cutter (see starting at 3m:38s)

There is still work to do to get ready, so our October meetup will be to test out the activities above, to make sure everything works smoothly at the Faire.

We have plenty of empty wine bottles thanks to the Decatur Education Foundation‘s Low Country Boil.  Whether or not you can make the October meetup, we REALLY need your help at the Faire.  Please volunteer for one or more 2 hour shifts using this volunteerspot link

Hopscotch prototype build and Maker Faire planning meeting

hopscotchMonday (9/16/13) we will meet to

a) Finalize the deisgn and build a prototype square of our nonnewtonian hopscotch board.  We need a small team to take on the details of making this project a reality for AMMF ’13.  We have most of the materials and tools we need to get started.


b) Plan for our Decatur Makers booth at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire (Saturday October 26 at GT).  We need some folks to act as a small planning committee to organize volunteers, activities, giveaways, setup, cleanup, etc. for our booth at the Maker Faire.

If you’re interested in either or both of these activities, I hope to see you at the meetup  If you can’t make it but are still interested, email us at and we’ll loop you in the email thread for future meetings.