DIY BIO startup!

Our DIY BIO group has several passionate, curious members who have been actively working together to begin exploring the exciting molecular world of biological making! Phillip Mitchem, one of the group’s members, shares an update below…


DM DIYBIOers hard at workOur DIY BIO group is off to a great start! If you’re curious about how organic life works, want to conduct actual hands on biology labs where you can build your skill, learn about or share your knowledge on genetics, cells, diy bio technologies and techniques, be part of an iGEM team competition, collaborate with other DIY BIO groups, University scientists, research labs, the CDC, and citizen scientists. Then come visit and be part of our group where we will exploring the inner secrets of life. This is your chance to be on the ground floor of a DIY BIO startup!

Our Vision:

weighing outWe are open and inclusive. We are a group for people of all education and skill levels to learn and experiment with new biology technologies

Build DIYBio methods and techniques through doing; in a space where it is ok not to know and we are free to explore

We are interested in learning from or collaborating with other like-minded groups. Sharing what we know and learning what we don’t.

Our First DIYBio Lab/Class…

Results!… was a huge success!  We extracted food coloring from M&M’s and using electrophoresis we able to figure out which food coloring was used to make each of the M&M’s colorings. We learned how to use a lab tools like centrifuge, pipettes, and the electrophoreses; how to mix agar for gels, how to load a gel cell,  Molar contractions, concepts like reading electrophoresis gels, atomic structures for food coloring. Safety considerations when working with an electric current, chemicals and centrifuge operations. And using electrophoresis forensics we were able to discern what was in the “mystery” mixture!

Projects and next steps:

= Gearing up for the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition in 2018

= Learn to use our PCR machine

= Collaborate with DIY Bio groups and the CDC

= Build out the BioLab Space

= BioLab where you’ll be able to test your own genome for a bitter gene!

Electrophoresis Gel results 1How to get involved?

Come to our next meeting on Dec 18th. We were planning on redoing the gel electrophoresis lab for folks that might have missed it.

Visit a Decatur Makers’s Open Build Night on Wednesdays from 7-9:00!

Contact our BIO Lab president Chris at

Remember membership in Decatur makers is not required to attend classes, take part in labs or share your ideas! Come Build, Share, and Explore with us!