Art Contest for our next Tshirt

Maker Faire Atlanta is sweetly lurking around the corner (Oct 1-2)… And we need a design for our Decatur Makers tshirts so our members and event volunteers look snappy. What better group to ask for creative ideas, amiright?
Deadline for entries is Friday, August 26 at midnight.
What needs to be on the shirt? Our logo or name, for sure. You can also include our core values of “Build Share Explore”, and any other items that inspire you when you think about Decatur Makers.
Image Size? Art entries should fit into an 8″wide x 10″ tall box.

If digital: send us the original vector artwork. Be sure all type is turned into paths or outlines. Up to two spot colors can be used.

If done by hand: use a thick black Sharpie – black only (we can add color later) on plain white paper without lines.

DMtshirtsAll makers of all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to send in ideas (that includes kids)! To the left, you’ll see a pic of our last two tshirt designs, but they’re not meant to curb or define your creativity in any way!

Please send entries (and any questions)  to [email protected]