Support us

You can take part in the Decatur Makers movement!

{ Here’s how… }

A) Make a purely monetary gift and we’ll be cheering for you over here! [Woot woot!]

Cold… hard… cash. Yup, we’ll take it! There are lots of ways your money can help us such as funding the outside construction for a roll-up garage door for easier access to huge projects (Oh wait, we finished that one! Thanks!), providing additional tools and equipment that’ll make our space that much cooler (and let us do that much more making!), developing a wider breadth of hands-on classes, and supporting programs like our Maker Scholars and Maker Mentors as well as scholarships for young makers in need.

Click here to make a donation. Thank you for your support!


B) Become a Founding Member.

It’s part gift, part membership (with benefits). And your name will be added to our Founders Wall inside the Decatur Makerspace. Details right here >  But this membership is only available until we “officially” open, hence the “Founding” in the name.

You interested in making history?  Please contact us so we can call you to personally set up your membership, thank you for your donation, and welcome you to our creative community.  Just make your note to the attention of Lew Lefton (Executive Director, Decatur Makers) and he’ll get right back to you.


C) Introduce us to movers, shakers and supporters of makers.

Are you friends with a small business or multi-national conglomerate that might find Decatur Makers a cause worth supporting? If so, perhaps an introduction is in order? (We’d be grateful.) Email us to discuss.