Take part in the Decatur Makers movement!

{ Here’s how: }

A) Help us raise the final $15K to open our doors by supporting our Kickstarter campaign.


We’re at a critical point in our renovation of the space, we’re ALMOST there.  Will you kick in to help Decatur Makers open our doors and let the community start making? Every $1 helps!  Want good karma, to fly a drone, a “What a deal”-priced membership?  Click here to watch our video, read our story, and see loads of ways to help our cause.   We’ll be forever grateful.

B) Become a founding member.


It’s part gift, part membership (with benefits). And your name will be added to our Founders Wall inside the Decatur Makerspace. Details right here >

FYI: You’ll be linked to the payment page of our friends (and fiscal sponsors), the Decatur Education Foundation. CRUCIAL: You must type in “Decatur Makers” in the Comments box on the Foundation’s online form (so they know to put your monies in our account).

C) Introduce us to movers, shakers and supporters of makers.

Are you friends with a small business or multi-national conglomerate that might find Decatur Makers a cause worth supporting? If so, perhaps an introduction is in order? (We’d be grateful.) Email us to discuss.