Maker Resources

There are many places to learn about different aspects of the Maker movement. Here are a few links.

  1. A one page background sheet on Decatur Makers and a copy of our current tri-fold brochure.
  2. Existing Atlanta area Maker/Hacker Spaces (incomplete list) and related efforts.  Atlanta Makers has a directory, too.  See also area meetups.

  3. Thomas MacMillan (April 30, 2012). “On State Street, “Maker” Movement Arrives”. New Haven Independent.
  4. Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, Chris Anderson, Crown Business Publishers, Oct 2012.
  5. Dale Dougherty, TED Talk, Jan 2011.
  6. MAKE Magazine, O’Reilly Media.
  7. There’s also theMaker Education Initiative
  8. NPR article on Hacker Scouts
  9. Huffington post article (May 2013)
  11. There’s a maker space in a public library in New York.
  12. The ATL maker scene was covered in a 2013 article in Living Intown.
  13. The 2014 Makers Village at the 2014 Atlanta Science Festival had a nice AJC writeup.
  14. Make Things, Do Stuff is a useful site in the UK.
  15. The Exploratorium’s “Tinkering Studio” is a great resource for maker projects
  16. Proceedings from the “Innovation, Education, and the Maker Movement”
    Workshop at World Maker Faire New York, 2010.
  17. The Maker Movement and the Rebirth of Constructionism article at hybridpedagogy